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Customer Testimonials

Judy Merritt, who writes a column for the Northwoods Press in upper Minnesota, wrote about her experiences with Lil' Orbits. Here are some excerpts:

"Last Friday while I was in the cities for a carnival convention I was hit by Murphy's Law when a radiator hose broke on my way to drop off my mini donut machine for repairs at Lil' Orbits.

"I managed to find my way to the donut machine service department. I met Terry, their technician, and handed the machine over to him. When I went out to my car, steam was rolling from beneath the hood. I went back inside and asked if someone could give me a ride to the nearest service station to buy some anti-freeze. The owner of Lil' Orbits told me he could do better than that and called Terry to take a look at my car.

"In the freezing weather, Terry and Ryan cut off the end of the hose and reclamped the rest back on. Then they filled the radiator with anti-freeze. There was no charge, they said.

"I drove away thinking if I hadn't had to drop off the mini-donut machine that hose would have split on my way back home and I could have been stranded in the you-can-die-if-you're-out-here-too-long cold. I still shake my head and wonder if perhaps there is a corner of heaven called Lil' Orbits."

Webmaster's note: Charlie, the owner of Lil' Orbits, is routinely known for his generosity when anyone needs help. I have known him all my life, as I am his daughter, and he has never once paused when it came to helping someone out, no matter what the return on investment chances look like. I can remember him changing batteries in my friend's cars, driving to Wisconsin to bail me out when my car wouldn't start during bad weather, and helping dozens of people cut down trees after a particularly nasty tornado in Cokato, MN where we too lost our camper. That's how our business is run.. we help people get started in their own business, not just so we can make money, but because we truly like helping people! Thanks, Judy, for this great article.

~ Judy Merritt

Norm Lambert is expanding his Lil' Orbits operation at the Can West Global Park in Canada. He has operated this lucrative location since 1999 and has now expanded his store front location to accommodate his heavy traffic.

Every so often Norm visits us at our factory in Minnesota so that he can fill a rental truck with some 2,500 pounds of Lil' Orbits donut mix. This wouldn't be so extraordinary if Norm didn't live in Winnipeg, Canada. Why does he travel over 450 miles to pick up his mix? "I've tried some local mixes, but they don't cut it and my customers know the difference immediately.", was his reply.

We asked him what he was doing lately, and here is what he had to say: "I operate my SS1200 and SS2400 at the Can-West Global Park, which hosts our AA baseball team. There is all kinds of food competition there ranging from hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, even another big donut outfit, but my stand is so popular that they had to install cattle railings to control the waiting lines! My wife and daughter help out and in fact we are so busy that we have to make a new batch of mix every three minutes. That's why I have two of your mixers, otherwise just one would burn out! Volume? We work 67 days per season and we're open three hours per game. We bring in $80,000 per season, hands down. We also book the local hippodrome which wants us for more events than we can handle. But let me tell you something funny. The last show was around Harley Davidsons and all those slim, beautiful models send their agents over to our booth so they could munch on Lil' Orbits behind the scenes! We sell our Mini Donuts for $3.00 but generally stuff 14 to 16 per bag. Well, I have to run now to make another baseball game. See you in a few weeks!"

And away Norm went. That's what makes us so proud to hear success stories like Norm's.

~ Norm the Mini Donut Mogul

Rich and Sharon Hogan, native Minnesotans, took time out to send us this 'only in Minnesota' email recently...

"These pictures were taken last Sunday while Sharon and I worked the Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza on Gull Lake... Wow were we busy!! I ran out of donut fry just as the competition closed. There was another guy there selling mini donuts, but everyone told us that they liked ours better. I found out later that he wasn't using Lil' Orbits products, so that's that. We out sold him about 10 to 1 and the extra income was great. Not bad eh!! Pass on an atta-boy to Terry, because our SS2400G is not missing a beat... She's tuned in perfect."

~ Rick & Shannon Hogan

Donut lovers can now get their fix at the Divine Mini Donuts cart, which can be found at the Green Valley Government Center five days a week.

Owners Ed and Diana Myles of Sahuarita serve up the scrumptious donuts and other food items Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The cart is located near to the Vehicle Division at a convenient spot for hungry workers and library attendees.

The Myles have been in business since July, and celebrated their inclusion on the Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce with a ribbon-cutting on Friday.

The Myles' also run "Divine Mini Donuts" at the Clubhouse at Rancho Sahuarita and Sahuarita Part and Recreation events, including the Sahuarita Farmer's Market on Wednesday nights.

Ed and Diana Myles were invited to the Tucson Electric Park for the White Sox Spring training and did $2,000 per day in sales! Now they operate in the Presidio with their concession trailer and their SS2400-G propane-fired machine. Not bad for their first year with Lil' Orbits.

~ Myle's Divine Donuts