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About Lil' Orbits

About   Lil' Orbits

Lil' Orbits doughnut machines have been around since 1974. The smaller, portable version of the large commercial donut makers seen in franchise stores was the brainchild of founder Ed Anderson. Fifty years later, our donut machines come in electric and gas varieties to suit both indoor and outdoor concession operations. We also manufacture attractive carts and cabinets in stainless steel and Formica, which can be custom wrapped to suit your needs, We've also developed a full set of filtration options, including our patented Downdraft Filtration System that requires no permanent ductwork. 

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Our Machines Electric & Gas-Fired Donut Machines

Model 800
model 800
Model 800
Model 1200
SS1200 & SS2400
Electric Models
Model 2400
SS1200GII & SS2400GII
Gas-Fired Models

Donut Mix

It takes a lot more than just great equipment to run a profitable mini donut business. Everyone knows that word of mouth brings customers back for more - and that starts with a great tasting donut. Lil' Orbits famous donut mix took years to perfect, and has been field tested and proven popular for over fifty years. Simply add water and let your donut machine do all the work producing that wonderful aroma that attracts customers... and the great taste that brings them back!

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Donut mix

Why mini-donuts?

Fresh, hot mini donuts have always been a popular impulse food at attractions and events such as fairs, festivals and arenas. Every day we hear our operators tell us how much fun it is to see their customers reminisce about eating mini donuts as a child. Mini donuts are known worldwide as a favorite American snack, and are quickly gaining popularity at all sorts of events and venues. Here are just a few examples of where a Lil' Orbits donut machine can help you become your own boss: concession trailers, coffee shops, bakeries, mall kiosks, permanent storefronts, sports arenas, food courts, entertainment complexes, airports, high school sports fundraising, theme parks, cruise ships, catering events and so much more. 

Lil' Orbits isn't just mini donuts!
All of our popular donut machine models are capable of producing four sizes of donuts, as well as donut holes, with our quick-change hopper system. Large cake doughnuts are perfect for on-the-go breakfast or fancy desserts, while tiny mini donuts are a great impulse food all day long. 

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Thinking about getting into the donut business? Give the experts at Lil Orbits Donuts a call today and let one of our donut business advisors help you get started with your new donut business or mini donut business.

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Get Started Now Turn-Key Packages

Whether you want to supplement your current income with a fun, part time money making opportunity or become financially independent, there are packages available to get you started. By contacting Lil' Orbits, you will immediately receive the guidance of an experienced business advisor who can help you decide on what equipment would best suit your needs, what events or locations are a good fit and how you can get started in your new business. Our advisors know the mini donut industry inside and out and are prepared to answer every question you have, giving you insider tips every step of the way. And it doesn't stop with the sale - buying Lil' Orbits equipment brings you into our large family of operators all over the world; people just like you who have information and ideas to share.

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