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Welcome To Lil' Orbits

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About Lil' Orbits

Welcome About Lil' Orbits

It all started back in 1974, when found Ed Anderson decided to reinvent the mini donut machine. After several trips to the drawing board, the Anderson family started their first indoor mini donut shop. After watching hundreds of people wait hours in line for a bag of sugary donuts, it quickly became clear that there simply weren't enough Andersons to remain a bakery business.

Instead, they sold their first operation and started a new one. That first operation was so successful that it became a business plan

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Our Machine Donut Machines

Model 800
model 800
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Model 1200
SS1200 G
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Model 2400
SS2400 G
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Donut Mix

Making the very best quality donuts starts at the mix. By choosing the right donut mix or mini donut mix you drastically increase your ability to provide your customers the best possible product while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

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Donut mix

Get Started now Get Started Home Donut Kits

Are you interested in a new home based business? Maybe a small food truck? Maybe you just really like donuts and want to start being able to make them at home. Now is your chance! Lil Orbits home starter kits are the perfect solution for anyone looking to get into making fresh donuts and mini donuts.

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Get Started Start your own donut business

There is no better time to get into the donut or mini donut business like the present. Click below to access a list of informational pages that are designed to help you get started in the exciting and profitable donut industry.

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