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Donut Making Supplies & Mixes

Lil' Orbits Donut Mix

Donut Frying Oils and Toppings

Lil' Orbits world famous donut mix is blended specifically to produce perfect little donuts with our machines. 50 years of research and development has produced a cake donut mix with a rich, creamy flavor and no harsh spices. The donuts you produce can be taken home and reheated in a conventional or microwave oven and taste just as good as when they were purchased. Our mix is naturally trans-fat free, and your finished donuts will also be trans-fat free if you cook them in any of our shortenings. All of our mixes are certified kosher to OU-D standards.

We have a full line of great tasting, time-tested and affordable mixes. All of our delicious blends are packaged in convenient 46 lb (20.9 Kg) bags, are stored at room temperature and only require water to finish.

How much mix do I need?
Each 46 lb. bag should produce approx. 285 dozen mini-donut (approx. 715 large donuts). This means that an SS1200 machine running at full speed will consume approx. 16 lbs. of mix an hour (double for the SS2400).

Where can I buy Lil' Orbits donut mix? Donut mix and supplies can be purchased directly from our headquarters in Minnesota. Mix and limited supplies can be purchased from one of our authorized distribution locations: 
Lil' Orbits in Champlin, MN - (763) 559-7505 or (800) 228-8305
Beach Cities Wholesalers in Anaheim, CA - (562) 355-4074
Dutch Valley Foods in Myerstown, PA - (800) 733-4191
Knockout Supplies in Ocala, FL - (352) 368-2113
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Donut Making Supplies

Mini Donut Machine Accessories

Lil' Orbits has a large selection of accessory items and promotional materials to help your concession business run smoothly. We have a line of machine accessories, including hoppers for different donut sizes, tray storage covers, clean-up tanks and much more. Check out our product list for all the donut making necessities, such as drain trays, scoops, mix bins, mixers, cleaning supplies and more. Our promotional material line includes vinyl logos, hard plastic logos, price signs, cling-on price signs and apparel to make your concession operation stand out. Looking for something other than mini-donuts or pancakes & crepes? We can special order equipment and supplies for a multitude of concession food offerings like funnel cakes, popcorn, shaved ice, lemonade, hot dogs, corn dogs and much much more. Let us know what you need!

Lil' Orbits isn't just mini donuts!
Our donut machines will make any size donut, from mini to large. Ask your sales adviser for details on our quick-change hopper system.

Lil' Orbits will recycle your used frying oil for you!!
If you have used frying oil and nowhere to dispose of it, bring it in to our Champlin, MN facility and we can recycle it for you! There is no charge for any oil brought in for recycling and we'll take care of the disposal for you.
Both liquid and solid variety shortenings are accepted.
For more information about our recycling program, or to inquire about bringing in your used oil give us a call locally at (763) 559-7505 or (800) 228-8305 toll-free.

A little history...
Donut Machines have been around since the roaring 20’s, when a Russian-born inventor named Adolph Levitt patented the very first automatic doughnut maker machine. It was showcased at the 1934 World’s Fair, where it was dubbed “The Hit Food of the Century of Progress”. It wasn't long after that donut shops were popping up all over the country, as American’s fell in love with doughnuts. They were handed out to soldiers during the World Wars, given to our troops in gratitude as they reached France in WWI and handed out by Red Cross Donut Dollies to our troops in WWII. Today you can find a Lil’ Orbits operation in over 110 countries worldwide. People just can’t get enough of their doughnuts!!