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Which donut machine is right for me?

Not sure what equipment you need? What about a location to set up.. do you want to operate indoors or outdoors? Do you know what state, local or federal guidelines you need to follow to meet health and fire codes?

No? Well, we do!

By contacting Lil' Orbits for information, you will immediately receive the guidance of an experienced business advisor who can not only help you decide on what equipment would best suit your needs, but how to go about choosing a location, planning events and starting your very own home based business. Our advisors know the mini-donut concession business inside and out and are prepared to answer every question you have, giving you insider tips and advice at every step along the way.

And it doesn't stop with the sale - entering into the Lil' Orbits mini-donut business opportunity brings you into our family of operators all over the world; people just like you who have information and ideas to share.