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Where can I order mix and supplies near me?

Lil' Orbits Mixes and Supplies

About Lil' Orbits Donut Mix. Lil' Orbits world famous donut mix is blended specifically to produce perfect little donuts with our machines. 50 years of research and development has produced a cake donut mix with a rich, creamy flavor and no harsh spices. The donuts you produce can be taken home and reheated in a conventional or microwave oven and taste just as good as when they were purchased.  Our mix is naturally trans-fat free, and your finished donuts will also be trans-fat free if you cook them in any of our shortenings. All of our mixes are certified kosher to OU-D standards.

Lil' Orbits isn't just (mini) donuts! We have a full line of great tasting, time-tested and affordable mixes. All of our delicious blends are packaged in convenient 46 lb (20.9Kg) bags, are stored at room temperature and only require water to finish.

How much mix do I need? Each 46 lb. bag should produce approx. 285 dozen mini-donut (approx. 715 large donuts). This means that an SS1200 machine running at full speed will consume approx. 16 lbs. of mix an hour (double for the SS2400).

Where can I buy Lil' Orbits Donut Mix?  Donut mix and supplies can be purchased directly from our headquarters in Minnesota, or from one of our authorized distribution locations:
Lil' Orbits in Champlin, MN - (763) 559-7505 or (800) 228-8305 
Beach Cities Wholesalers in Anaheim, CA - (562) 355-4074
Dutch Valley Foods in Myerstown, PA - (800) 733-4191
Knockout Supplies in Ocala, FL - (352) 368-2113
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