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What about used equipment?

Thinking about buying a used mini donut machine?

Please note: Lil' Orbits no longer has parts available for pre-1996 donut equipment. We are not able to send out parts or provide service for any equipment with a production date prior to 1996. If you are considering used equipment, please contact us with the serial number stamped on the machine and we will help you determine its production date.

If you are not buying it directly from Lil' Orbits, here are some things you should think seriously about:

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Is the equipment you're looking at a Lil' Orbits brand machine?

Lil' Orbits quality extends to both the equipment we sell and also to the equipment service work we perform. And, we only service Lil' Orbits brand equipment. If your equipment was not manufactured by Lil' Orbits, we won't be able to help you when you need help the most. For example, there are many "Donut Man" brand machines on the market. These machines may appear similar to Lil' Orbits machines, but we do not have the parts needed to repair them. When you purchase a new or refurbished Lil' Orbits mini-donut machine from us you have an assurance of quality that we stand behind, and you can be certain that we'll have the parts required to keep you in business.

Will the seller back up your purchase with a warranty?

The Lil' Orbits lifetime warranty is only available on new machines purchased directly from Lil' orbits and is nontransferable. If the seller tells you that a Lil' Orbits warranty comes with the machine he's offering you, don't believe it. As an example of what's at risk, an out-of-warranty motor repair costs approximately $800, and a broken heater element repair cost is approximately $1,500. With Lil' Orbits Lifetime Warranty, the cost to you to repair these items, or any other Lil' Orbits mini-donut machine component, is limited. (The cost for motor repair is $100 for Servo and $75 for Pump, Hopper or Heating Head).

Is the machine complete and fully operational and what's your recourse if issues arise after you receive shipment?

Prior to shipment of new or rebuilt equipment, Lil' Orbits conducts a final inspection to make certain that the equipment operates properly and that the shipment is complete. That eBay listing you discover may state that the "package" is complete, but you could be extremely disappointed to discover that you're missing critical items when it arrives. Then, you're in a dispute with the seller, perhaps also the freight company. eBay and Craigslist are fine organizations, but you're on your own if you shop there.

Regarding shipment, what if the machine arrives damaged ... or not at all?

We've mentioned the pre-shipment inspection we conduct. This ensures that we know, and you know, that the equipment and accompanying goods leave our dock in perfect shape. Packing materials designed by us protect your investment, and we only work with shipping companies that we trust. If something does go wrong during shipment, we will help you file a claim for damages and/or lost items.

Will the seller provide ongoing service?

Under the terms of our lifetime equipment warranty, the original purchaser of a Lil' Orbit mini-donut machine enjoys comprehensive protection, assurance of the availability of correct, high-quality replacement parts, and minimal costs of repair for as long as he or she owns the machine and continues to use Lil' Orbits donut mix. Before you buy from someone else, consider the alternatives carefully.

Will the seller provide training?

When you buy from Lil' Orbits, the expertise of our Business Advisors comes with your purchase. We want you to succeed, and our business relationship must be good for both of us. We offer industry knowledge, mini-donut production expertise gained over 35 years of developing the mini-donut concept, guidance with fire and health codes, equipment maintenance advice, merchandising ideas, and much more. If you buy from anyone else, can you expect that kind of support? In addition, customers that purchase new-equipment can receive training from us, at our headquarters, at no additional charge. Used equipment purchasers can receive training at our headquarters a cost of $65.00 per hour.

Will you receive operating instructions?

We provide comprehensive operating instructions for new equipment we manufacture, with plenty of photographs. It is supplied on a flash drive with new Lil' Orbits machines, and is available for all supported Lil' Orbits equipment at a cost of $9.95 in paper booklet form and $19.95 on flash drive.

Will the machine be properly configured for your location, especially for U.S. electrical voltages and phases?

When purchasing equipment from Lil' Orbits, we always take into account the location you're looking to operate equipment and ensure that the equipment you receive is properly configured to work with any electrical requirement you might have. We are upfront about the electrical options with each machine and you can rest assured that your new machine will arrive complete and ready for you to operate. Should any issues arrive, you can rely on our technicians to assist you in getting everything working correctly - just have you electrician call us and we will take care of the troubleshooting. 

Will you have anyone to talk to when you have questions about running a profitable, enjoyable Mini-Donut business?

When you buy from Lil' Orbits, you can reach us year-round, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Central time, for business advice and equipment assistance. We know the mini-donut business. We invented it. Your business needs to run smoothly and predictably to be successful. A mini-donut machine that runs smoothly and predictably will help achieve that objective. If someone other than Lil' Orbits has presented you with a "deal" on a mini-donut machine, it's entirely up to you to make sure the "deal" you'll receive results in a piece of equipment that you can bet your business on. When you buy from us, we back you up period. We stand behind what we sell with our reputation and our warranty. Your Lil' Orbits Business Advisor can tell you more about what that means to you and your business.

About Craigslist Scams

We recently received an email from a customer who did a little background checking and discovered a scam. "I have been doing research on your machines because we love the product. To make a long story short there is someone using Craigslist to try to scam potential buyers such as myself. I will forward you the Craigslist web pages as well as the correspondence received from these scam artists. This person or persons says they have a third party shipping company to deliver the goods. I did some research and found that the names and the companies are all bogus. I felt lucky to not get scammed but I'm sure there will be many people who look at your site that will probably be taken by these crooks." This customer provided links to machines being sold in Philadelphia, Cincinnati and Houston. All three ads had verbage describing Lil' Orbits equipment and supplies for sale, two had correct pictures while one had pictures of a machine that was not Lil' Orbits. All of the ads appear legit, but our customer reports that all three contacts are for a third party shipper that is bogus. Please be aware that we do not know the extent of this scam, and are not sure that it is isolated to these locations.

A message from Sandy in FL concerning eBay scams

"..I decided to look on Ebay for the machine or a machine just like it. I have called other companies and they were more expensive, can not rent these anywhere in Florida either. I do not have an Ebay account, but went online to check - put in 'donut machines' in search and this one ad of a Lil' Orbits machine came up - the site said he had three machines for sale. I wrote down the e-mail address and contacted that way.. I received a phone call the same day back, explained my situation on finances and told him I was starting a business; he told me he had three and was upgrading to an SS2400, he said many people were interested, and that he had three stands in TX (2 in front of a grocery store and one at a mall). We talked and he said he would discuss it with his wife. He called me back and said he would sell me the Lil' Orbits SS1200 machine, I was excited and almost started to cry because I believe in people thinking everybody needs a helping hand and everybody would like to prosper. He sent me a contract and requested some of my personal info, like to make sure I wasn't gonna steal from him. I was grateful and did what he asked, sent the money overnight, signed the contract and personal info. I talked to him on Friday, that day Sept. 25, 2009 and have not heard from him since. His phone is out of service, has not responded to any of my emails either. I work very hard for my money, I just wanted the machine so I can open up my own business, original date of opening was Oct. 10, 2009 and now I can't do that. I have people disappointed. I am very mad and upset that there are people out there in this time of age where we are all trying to survive. I am a single mom and I am resigning from my job for this dream. Now I don't know.

I would like to say to Rob and the Lil' Orbits company - you have been excellent since the first time we talked. I am sorry someone is scamming people with your product and your company name.

Please to everyone, please be aware, be more careful. Ebay is not always safe and don't always believe, because your dreams sometimes get taken away."

A personal message from the founder:

Over the past 34 years I have received many, and I mean many, emails and phone calls after people bought used equipment featured by Ebay and other sites. Frankly they all called for help in either servicing their equipment or they need to purchase missing or broken parts that they were not made aware of at the time of purchase.

Many of these items look "new" but when you search further you'll see such is not the case.

Some have even bought models that looked good but have been outdated for years, and parts or service are not available.

Then there are the low cost mini donut makers which look attractive and very inexpensive. In fact, we have purchased these models and found them to be a product for home use only and not a product from Lil' Orbits.

We are in the business of helping you make money and getting you the right start with the right equipment. That's where we offer you comprehensive turn key programs which eliminate guess work and other hassles in obtaining all the necessary accessories you need to be in business quickly. It doesn't take many snafus to lose what you thought were "savings" only to have spent them on repairs or missing parts.

When you purchase from Lil' Orbits we offer you:

  • Our famous life-time warranty
  • A generous no-fault maintenance program for your machine
  • A quick source for all your accessories
  • A quick source for your Lil' Orbits mix, renown for its unmatched flavor
  • Free counseling from our home office staff
  • Ideas to help you get off to a quick start
  • A trade-up policy when your business starts to really take off
  • Quick service and parts

Here is a quick cost analysis (for an SS1200 donut machine):

PartLifetime WarrantyNo Warranty
Hopper Motor$75$1,254
Pump Motor$75$607
Servo Motor$100$1,286
Heating Element$75$1,611

*Prices subject to change

The old adage "being penny wise but pound foolish" applies here. OK, you may save a thousand or two in the beginning, but then when you get into the business you'll see why we have been the leader in this field for 34 years with an outstanding reputation. We appreciate our customers and we go out of our way to help you succeed in all types of circumstances.

Occasionally we have rebuilt machines that have been used in our demo rooms or trade shows. (We only exhibit new machines at these shows). These machines are offered at a discount and carry all the warranties just like our new machines.

If this is of interest to you may I suggest you call 1-800-228-8305 (763-559-7505 within Minnesota) and speak to either Brian, Bonnie, or Teresa and they'll update you as to what is available.

Sincerely Yours,

Ed Anderson, Founder