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Lil Orbits mini donuts sell themselves

Lil' Orbits mini-donuts are a merchandiser's dream

The "Action Attraction" of a Lil' Orbits mini-donut operation literally delivers customers. The donut aroma draws hungry folks of all ages to your sales counter where they can watch donuts being made.

Mini-donuts are sold hot-to-go by the bag or bucket full. You can count on repeat business and referrals. Like we said, Lil' Orbits operators have as much fun as their customers.

Lil' Orbits Mini-Donut "Action Attraction"

Every mini-donut machine we sell includes Action Attraction. This extremely important feature is virtually guaranteed to bring customers to your Lil' Orbits operation. And, it's free!

What is Action Attraction? It's actually part of an automatic two-step process... a proven, very effective method every Lil' Orbits operator uses.

The first step is the aroma produced (for free) when cooking Lil' Orbits mini-donuts. Passers-by can't miss it, they'll follow the aroma to the source.

The next step is their discovery of the Lil' Orbits machine in action, producing mini-donuts as fast as they're needed. Kids especially love to watch the progress of mini-donuts through the fully visible cooking process. When the mini-donuts drop into the serving tray, they're placed into bags (or buckets) and sold to customers... hot and ready to eat.

Customers are involved in the entire process of discovery, cooking and eating. It's a big part of the fun of owning a Lil' Orbits mini-donut operation. Because, as we say:

The aroma attracts 'em, the action fascinates 'em, and the great taste brings 'em back!

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