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Vendor Cart Package 6

Turn-key, free-standing indoor operations!

Anyone who is looking to start up an indoor food business knows that two of the main concerns are air filtration and sanitation hookups. Both can be costly for a permanent location, especially considering you often leave those hookups behind when you leave and move out. Don't worry, we've got you covered! Our FSC-Series vendor cart comes complete with our patented downdraft filtration system (including fire suppression system). This package also includes our easy to use, self-contained, portable sink system - negating the need for permanent hookups for sanitizing or handwashing needs. 

Whether starting a brand new location or adding donuts to an existing one, this package can easily be incorporated in the center aisle of a mall, convention center, airport concourse, arena, etc. 

Ask your sales advisor about customization options. This cabinet can be delivered to you already wrapped in vinyl to match your location's theme and business name. 

Includes The Following Products: