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Filtration & Fire Suppression

AFS12 or AFS24

NEW! Advanced Filtration Cart for SS1200 or SS2400. Includes our downdraft filtration and automatic fire suppression system, compactly mounted inside a beautiful stainless steel cart. Includes PL600G glass surround, light box marquee and mounting system.

Ductless Filtration Hood (for SS1202 Plexiglass Shield)

Suitable for SS1200 or Model 800 machine on CE150 cabinet. Mounts easily atop SS1202 plexiglass sneeze guard. 48"W x 18"D x 11"H (1.2m x 46cm x 28cm) Shipping weight: 41 lbs (19Kg).

Ductless Filtration Hood (for SS2402 Plexiglass Shield)

Suitable for SS2400, Gas-Fired machine or Uni-Matic II machine on CE200 cabinet. Mounts easily atop SS2402 plexiglass sneeze guard. 72"W x 18"D x 11"H (1.8m x 46cm x 28cm). Shipping weight: 58 lbs (27Kg).

FSC- Series Vendor Carts
FSC-10, FSC-12DDF or FSC-24DDF

Vendor Cart with Downdraft Filtration and Automatic Fire Suppression System. Features lighted canopy, locking doors and locking casters. Includes PL600G NSF-approved glass surround and replacement filter pads.

How does the Advanced Filtration System work?