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Quik-Dip Chocolate Icing

Cinnamon and sugar or powdered sugar are great toppings for all sizes of Lil' Orbits donuts, but if you're looking for something a little more fancy, try our Quik-Dip icings. They require no refrigeration, are soft enough to scoop or drizzle and make a perfect companion for our Dippin' Donuts program. Simply put a couple ounces of icing into a nacho tray and serve to your customers with a dozen fresh donuts. 

Add any one of our delicious fruit flavor concentrate gels to the vanilla icing to make even more options of fruit flavored toppings. 

Typical serving (using our DD152 scoop, see above) is 2.3 oz, which will give approximately 165 servings per container.

Don't see the flavor you're looking for? Ask your sales advisor about special requests and we will let you know if we can accommodate!


  • Weight: 24 lbs (10.9Kg)

Additional Specifications:

  • Packaging: Plastic bucket
  • Shipping Weight: 26 lbs (11.8Kg)