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Hopper & Plunger Kits: Donut hole kit

Quick-change Hopper and Plunger System
By using our quick-change hopper and plunger sets, you can quickly and easily switch between four sizes of donuts and/or specialty items - all without the need for tools! Simply remove your existing hopper bowl and plunger, and replace with a different size to immediately begin producing. 

Each of our electric or gas-fired donut machines comes with your choice of donut hopper, and additional hoppers are available to make a total of four sizes of donuts from mini to large, as well as donut holes and Greek Loukoumathes. 

Cat #: HP1200 Mini-donut hopper produces 1-5/8" (41mm) donuts
Cat #: SS2404 Mini-donut dual hopper - drops 2 at a time for SS2400 or Model 800 series machines
Note: The following hoppers for making larger donuts include basket clips, please specify your machine model when ordering.
Cat #: HP14S Small hopper produces 2-1/4" (57mm) donuts
Cat #: HP716S Medium hopper produces 2-1/2" (63mm) donuts
Cat #: HP916S Large hopper produces 3" (76mm) donuts
Specialty hoppers/plungers:
Cat #: DH1200 Donut hole plunger produces 'donut holes', fritters, falafels and small loukoumathes. Generally used with our Model 800 machine. Includes HP14 hopper bowl.
Cat #: LK1200 Loukoumathes plunger. Generally used with Model 800 machine. Includes HP716 hopper bowl.