Other Food Equipment

Cat# Image Item Description
FS16L Universal Fryer. Our Model 800 machine without donut attachments. Includes detachable drain tray and two frying screens. Shipping weight: 30 lbs (14Kg).
FS5106   Funnel Cake Kit. Includes pitcher, mold and base.
FS8047D   Corn Dog Fryer.
FS8054   Corn Dog Holder. Holds 8 corn dogs.
FS8053   Half Baskets (2).
FS5280   Spiral Fry Cutter.
FS2660   Deluxe 6oz. Popcorn Machine.
FS1005   Shaved Ice Machine.
FS8007   Steamin' Demon Hot Dog Cooker.
FS3017   Medium Volume Flosser.
FS3011   Floss Cones
FS489   Popcorn Machine. 8oz.
FS003   Popcorn Machine. 12oz.
FS005   Tornado Floss Machine.
FS102   Hot Dog Ferris Wheel.
FS185ST   Nacho Chip Warmer Cabinet.
FS365   Cheese Warmer.