Uni-Matic II Package

Lil' Orbits Uni-Matic II Package: automatic crepe, pancake or anything-you-want-to-cook machine

The Automatic Crepe, Pancake or Anything-You-Want-To-Cook Machine

Our "Multi-Food Factory" sets up anywhere in minutes.

Sell "finger food" snacks such as mini-crepes or mini-pancakes, and bring in up to $300.00 per hour. Use in your own operation to make large crepes, large and medium pancakes (or your specialty). Saves labor, increases sales with action-attraction, and gives you perfect quality control.

Your Uni-Matic II Package Includes:

Cat# Image Item Description
Uni-Matic II Complete Uni-Matic II Crepe & Pancake Maker. Cooks without grease on heated Teflon belts. Solid-state electronics control cooking time for a wide variety of products. Drive motors and depositors (included) listed seperately below for informational purposes. Shipping weight: 133 lbs (61Kg). Click here for more information.
UMH1000 Depositor Drive Motor. Use with depositor kits below. Includes support post and corner bracket. 115V or 220V, 50Hz.
Shipping weight: 10 lbs (5Kg).
UMD1000 Multi-Purpose Depositor Kit. Makes large and medium pancakes, as well as large and mini crepes. Kit includes crepe molds and adjustable 'doctor' blade to make thin crepes.
Shipping weight: 10 lbs (5Kg).
UMD2000 Dual/Triple Depositor Kit. Makes small or mini pancakes.
Shipping weight: 10 lbs (5Kg).
HP10 Sanitary Hopper Cover. Universal size. Sanitary cover protects mix inside the hopper bowl during use.
A143 New Ultra-Power Mixer. ® Artisan® Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with stainless steel bowl and 3 attachments.
A113 Self-Sealing Mix Bin. Sanitary storage for a full 46 lb bag.
A150 Bounce Scoop. Large capacity mix scoop, food grade plastic.
A103 Mix Scale. Digital scale for quick, accurate mix blending.
A152 Commercial Drain Tray. Stainless steel with 3/8" woven wire grate inset. NSF-approved. Drains and cools donuts and other food items. 12.5" x 10" x 2.5" (32cm x 26cm x 7cm).
4045 Crepe Mix. Developed for use with our Uni-Matic II machine. OU-D Kosher Listed. 46 lb. (20.9Kg) bags. (2 included in package)
44101 Click to view image Lil' Orbits Cake Donut Mix. Developed for Lil' Orbits machines. Rich, creamy taste without harsh spices. OU-D Kosher Listed. Packaged in 46 lb. (20.9Kg) bags. (1 bag included in package).