Package #4: High Production Gas-Fired Machine

Lil' Orbits Gas-Fired mini donut machine package #6

For high-attendance outdoor-only functions, the donut machine in this package lets you operate free of electrical hookups and generators.

Featuring the SS2400-GII, our high-production version of the propane-fired machine.

One 20 lb. propane tank (not included) will heat your machine for up to 18 hours. A 12 Volt deep-cycle marine battery (not included) will power the machine motors for up to 9 hours per charge.

For indoor events, you can change to electrical power with our optional SS2400-C conversion kit.

Donut mix, items and accessories for Lil' Orbits mini donut machines

Your "Gas-Fired Machine" Package Includes:

Cat# Image Item Description
SS2400-GII Gas-Fired SS2400-GII Machine. Uses propane gas. Includes dual Hopper/Plunger kit. Drive motors are powered by inverted (see below). Makes 200 dz/hr. Shipping weight: 177 lbs (53Kg).
Click here for more information.
V115 Power Inverter. Powers driver motors on SS1200-GII or SS2400-GII machine. Requires 12V battery. Available in 115V or 220V.
CE200 2.0 meter Deluxe Cabinet - 6'7" L x 24" W x 30.5" H.
Shipping Weight 130 lbs (59Kg). Click here for more information.
PL600 Plex Set for SS2400-GII Machine. Measures 72" W x 18" H (1.8m x 76cm). Leaves a 7" (18cm) serving area with CE200 cabinet.
Shipping weight: 24 lbs (11Kg).
A147 Illuminated Display Marquee. Translucent yellow background with color logo. Measures 48"L x 5.75"W x 11"H (122cm x 13.3cm x 28cm). Uses two fluorescent bulbs (not included) and includes brackets for hanging. European logo and vinyl lettering available. Shipping weight: 25 lbs (12Kg).
A178   Display Marquee Mounting System. Includes 2 vertical poles, 1 horizontal pole, connecting brackets and instructions. Shipping weight: 15 lbs (7Kg).
HP10 Sanitary Hopper Cover. Universal size. Sanitary cover protects mix inside the hopper bowl during use.
TC2400 SS2400 Tray Storage Cover. Fits over the top of the automatic tray for sanitary overnight storage. Made of high grade stainless steel.
A109 Siphon Pump. Empties hot oil in minutes without waiting for cool down. Stainless steel.
A145 Click to view image 6 Gal Fryer Oil Utility Pail - Perfectly designed to hold up to 6 gallons of solid or liquid shortening. Lid attached with 4 quick-lock clips and is attached to hang when not in use. Easy to use handle with side handle for pouring. (2 included in package).
A143 New Ultra-Power Mixer. ® Artisan® Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with stainless steel bowl and 3 attachments.
A113 Self-Sealing Mix Bin. Sanitary storage for a full 46 lb bag.
A150 Bounce Scoop. Large capacity mix scoop, food grade plastic.
A103 Mix Scale. Digital scale for quick, accurate mix blending.
A111 Sanitary Water Pitchers (2 included in package)
A153 Large Commercial Drain Tray. Stainless steel with 3/8" woven wire grate inset. NSF-approved. Drains and cools donuts and other food items. 21" x 13" x 2.5" (53cm x 38cm x 7cm) (2 included in package)
A102 Handy Server. Utensil for serving and bagging donuts.
A105   Mini-donut scoop.
A114 Squeeze Bottle. Quick way to dispense cinnamon and sugar.
(2 included in package)
A143B Beater Blade Pro attachment for Kitchenaid tilt-head style mixers.
44101 Click to view image Lil' Orbits Cake Donut Mix. Developed for Lil' Orbits machines. Rich, creamy taste without harsh spices. OU-D Kosher Listed. Packaged in 46 lb. (20.9Kg) bags. (8 bags included in package).
A166 High Grade Liquid Shortening. Trans-fat free. Kosher approved.
38 lbs. (17.3Kg). (4 included in package)
A115 Lil' Orbits Mini Donut Bags. Stop-stain paper style bags, imprinted with Lil' Orbits logo, reheating instructions and list of ingredients. Designed for a bakers dozen. 2,000 bags per box. Plain and Custom printed bags are also available.
DBC100   **NEW** Lil' Orbits Compostable Paper Buckets - 150 stylish compostable paper buckets printed with a brand new 'Lil Orbits' design. Holds approximately 3 dozen mini donuts. Buckets ship flat for convenient storage and are simple to assemble. Ask your sales advisor for more information today!