Beware, mini-donut machine buyers -

-if you don't see this logo, you're not getting a Lil' Orbits machine!

Mini-donut machines designed to look like Lil' Orbits mini-donut machines are being manufactured in China, India, and other countries. These machines are being offered to unsuspecting buyers here in the Unites States, often via the internet. The sellers of this equipment apparently plan to borrow from Lil' Orbits 40-year quality reputation and hope that prospective buyers don't notice the equipment does not carry the Lil' Orbits brand name, warranty or the critical health and safety certifications required to operate here in the U.S.A.

We've noticed, and we think you should too. Please keep these very important facts in mind as you shop for mini-donut equipment:

Of course, it's ultimately your business - and the risks and rewards are part of the business. You'll have questions and concerns regarding your mini-donut equipment purchase. You can call us for valuable advice. Don't take a risk until you have all the facts.